Wendy's Poetry

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Your sensitive smile will forever be
A lasting picture in my mind to see
Whenever I'm feeling loneley or scared
I think of the love and times we shared
You made me laugh when I was sad
I'll never forget the crazy fun we had
You were as my "brother", my best-friend
I wasn't ready for aour adventures to end
Everday-I miss having you as my ally
I think of you often-sometimes I cry
Occasionally I see you in someone's smile
Or hear your voice once in a while
Then I'm reminded-You're not far away
I'll see you again-in Heaven some day
On October thirteenth, nineteen hundred eighty-one,                                                                            a  plane crash sent Ross R Moore, twenty-two, to Heaven.
 ©Copyright 1997-2002 Wendy R. Mitchell