Nanabees Presents Poetry
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Aimlessly we plunge into life's tangled maze
Blinded by fear and confusion's haze
Stumbling into deep dark emptiness
Searching for peace and happiness
Day after day, we encounter pain
To continue-some days-we must be insane
Life often feels like utter punishment
And if dying is anything quite as bad
The human race in its self-made torment,
Is in trouble deep and certainly mad
For struggling to extend the length of life
Just to endure more suffering and strife
Our only promise for serenity and hearts ease
Comes from the assurance of God-"Creator"
That if we, believing, get down on our knees
And ask forgiveness from God-"Exonerator"
We will inherit eternity in Heaven above
With priceless treasures and immeasurable love

©Copyright 1997-2002 Wendy R. Mitchell