Nanabees Presents Poetry
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Love Is Every Color

Racism is an ugly puzzle to me
To hate an degrade someone needlessly
We did not decide before our birth
What each color of skin would be worth
To be born red, yellow, black, or white
Was not our choice, nor our right
Love is every color under the Son
God created each and every one
We can't take credit for color of skin
But change is possible, if we all begin
To appreciate differences without-within
Being children of God, makes all of us kin
We are all equal in God's eyes
Despite racism and all its lies
The sooner we learn to love one another
The sooner we can help each other
To solve our problems, taht aren't so small
Crime, pollution, disease-threaten us all
So let's get on our knees, in solemn prayer
And join with each other-show we care
For love is every color under God's Son.

©Copyright 1997-2002 Wendy R Mitchell