Wendy's Poetry
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Beginnings Are Upon Us

Roads tangled in jungles of dreams symbolic
Reality becomes fantasy as visions rush chaotic
Through past-future-trees-rocks-flowers
A cascade of petals conceal liberating powers
Stillness beckons "tots" to ponder, reckless emotions
Absorb exotic aromas and alien potions
Angry dreams filled with painful memories
Death of friendships-promises-certainties
Rendered useless by storms of destiny
Leaving pictures in dismal gray, for eternity
Shaky-uncertain-beginnings are upon us
Angels in our midst-an undeserved bonus
Offer support-solace-forbidden to intervene
Note pain splattered permanent on canvas clean
Wake to damp darkness-still wobbly-unsure
Cautious-intent-quest validation-closure

©Copyright 1997-2002 Wendy R. Mitchell