Wendy's Poetry

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Speak To Me

Speak to me of flowers that are touched by rain
Taking my heart to heights unknown to man
Speak to me of babies crying out in pain
Tears like dew drops falling down again
Speak to me of winds that bend gallant trees
But touch the cheek with even tenderness
Speak to me of voices buzzing like busy bees
That dare to slander friends with eagerness
Speak to me of Angels singing anthems sweet
To praise and honor Gods's own Holy Son
Speak to me of projects left undone-incomplete
Given up for: importance, time, need, or fun
Speak to me of time spans-long yet so brief
That hold all our yesterdays and tomorrows
Speak to me of regret, remorse, and disbelief
That control all ours smiles and our sorrows
Speak to me of guidance from Heaven above
That gives us hope and strengthens our soul
Speak to me of propers, goals, and love
That give meaning to life and make us whole

 ©Copyright 1997-2002 Wendy R. Mitchell